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Airparks for sale in Indiana
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  Indiana Airparks, Airport Hangars and Aviation Homes For Sale
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Indiana Airparks, Airport Hangars and Aviation Homes For Sale

25II - Gm, Aboite, Indiana


IN19 - Marshall Field, Acton, Indiana


II05 - Woodcock, Akron, Indiana


0II0 - Chuck's, Albany, Indiana


II77 - Finney's Airpark, Albany, Indiana


98IN - B & V Flying Ranch, Albion, Indiana


3IN5 - Pippenger, Albion, Indiana


I99 - Alexandria, Alexandria, Indiana


8IN9 - Marcidale, Amo, Indiana


AID - Anderson Muni-darlington Field, Anderson, Indiana


34II - Burk Personal Use, Anderson, Indiana


01IN - Community Hospital, Anderson, Indiana


IG00 - Cameron Hospital, Angola, Indiana


5IN8 - Crooked Lake, Angola, Indiana


04IN - Lake Gage, Angola, Indiana


6IN9 - Lake James, Angola, Indiana


6IN7 - Lake Pleasant, Angola, Indiana


II16 - Pigeon, Angola, Indiana


ANQ - Tri-state Steuben County, Angola, Indiana


9II4 - Cruzan Field, Arcadia, Indiana


03IN - Heinzman, Arcadia, Indiana


IN27 - Skyridge, Arcadia, Indiana


II27 - Ward, Arcadia, Indiana


1IN3 - Confer's Place, Arcola, Indiana


3II9 - Dick's Strip, Arcola, Indiana


2IN4 - Scott Field, Argos, Indiana


99IN - Bee-acre Farm Strip, Atlanta, Indiana


4IN7 - Riley Fld, Attica, Indiana


GWB - De Kalb County, Auburn, Indiana


9II7 - Dekalb Memorial Hospital, Auburn, Indiana


22IN - Mooney Field, Auburn, Indiana


5IN1 - Clarian West Medical Center, Avon, Indiana


50II - Way West, Bainbridge, Indiana


IN64 - Beck, Bargersville, Indiana


II93 - Bronson, Bargersville, Indiana


7II9 - Thorn Field, Bargersville, Indiana


HLB - Hillenbrand Industries, Batesville, Indiana


II00 - Dammon, Battle Ground, Indiana


57IN - Bedford Medical Center, Bedford, Indiana


BFR - Virgil I Grissom Muni, Bedford, Indiana


05IN - Cooper, Belleville, Indiana


8II0 - Allen And Gloss, Bennington, Indiana


06IN - Ellis Fly-in, Blackhawk, Indiana


1I3 - Shawnee Field, Bloomfield, Indiana


2IG6 - Bloomington Hospital, Bloomington, Indiana


07I - Lake Monroe, Bloomington, Indiana


BMG - Monroe County, Bloomington, Indiana


II01 - Grandlienard-hogg, Bluffton, Indiana


C40 - Miller, Bluffton, Indiana


65IN - Wells County Sheriff's Dept, Bluffton, Indiana


88IN - Gardner, Boggstown, Indiana


07IN - Gray, Boggstown, Indiana


58II - Henneman, Boggstown, Indiana


9II6 - Williams, Boggstown, Indiana


I91 - Boonville, Boonville, Indiana


6II4 - Cornell, Boonville, Indiana


IN09 - Clifton, Boswell, Indiana


IN11 - Arrowhead Farm, Bourbon, Indiana


4IN5 - Ball Field, Bourbon, Indiana


II95 - Rust's Landing, Bourbon, Indiana


0I2 - Brazil Clay County, Brazil, Indiana


IN48 - St. Vincent Clay Hospital, Brazil, Indiana


3II8 - Birkey Private, Bremen, Indiana


8IN8 - Bremen Community Hospital, Bremen, Indiana


0II2 - Creighton, Bremen, Indiana


IN42 - Hackbarth, Bremen, Indiana


0II1 - Unsicker, Bremen, Indiana


IN69 - Hatfield, Bristol, Indiana


II04 - North West Indiana Air, Brook, Indiana


4II9 - Shultz /private/, Brookston, Indiana


12I - Brookville Reservoir, Brookville, Indiana


II83 - Bramble, Brownsburg, Indiana


38IN - Fuller Field, Brownsburg, Indiana


36II - Newby Landing, Brownsburg, Indiana


54II - Caldwell Field, Bunker Hill, Indiana


0II3 - Miller Strip, Bunker Hill, Indiana


7W7 - Boyer Flight Park, Burnettsville, Indiana


69II - Greuter Field, Butler, Indiana


B25 - Harrold, Butler, Indiana


40II - Keener Field, Butler, Indiana


II02 - Kline Field, Butler, Indiana


8IN7 - Brush Creek, Butlerville, Indiana


0IN5 - Byrne Field, Byrneville, Indiana


II06 - Ferrell, Cadiz, Indiana


1II3 - Davis, Carlisle, Indiana


II30 - Ridgway Flying Service, Carlisle, Indiana


IN81 - Small Field, Carthage, Indiana


7II1 - Rider Private, Castleton, Indiana


48II - Cedar Creek, Cedarville, Indiana


12II - Pentecost, Centerville, Indiana


0II5 - Marshall Field, Chalmers, Indiana


II32 - Raceway, Chandler, Indiana


7II5 - Squaw Creek, Chandler, Indiana


II33 - Eickholtz, Charlestown, Indiana


66IN - Oakes Field, Charlottesville, Indiana


IN70 - Bodin, Chesterton, Indiana


9IN8 - Green Field, Churubusco, Indiana


IN62 - Tropria, Churubusco, Indiana


18II - Mc Gill, Cicero, Indiana


3IN9 - Thomas, Cicero, Indiana


1I6 - Holiday Inn Lakeview, Clarksville, Indiana


II34 - Booe, Clay City, Indiana


IN66 - Clear Lake, Clear Lake, Indiana


5IN7 - Clear Lake, Clear Lake, Indiana


4IN3 - East Clear, Clear Lake, Indiana


1I7 - Clinton, Clinton, Indiana


2II8 - West Central Community Hospital, Clinton, Indiana


II07 - Clover Knoll, Cloverdale, Indiana


IN88 - Sanders Gyroport, Cloverdale, Indiana


09IN - Gordon, Columbia City, Indiana


29IN - Homestead, Columbia City, Indiana


IN71 - Plew, Columbia City, Indiana


3IG3 - Terry's, Columbia City, Indiana


30IN - Wigent, Columbia City, Indiana


BAK - Columbus Muni, Columbus, Indiana


2IN7 - Columbus Rgnl Hospital, Columbus, Indiana


91IN - Strietelmeier Flying Field, Columbus, Indiana


II61 - Fayette Memorial Hospital, Connersville, Indiana


33II - Lifeline Landing Area, Connersville, Indiana


CEV - Mettel Field, Connersville, Indiana


73II - Nulltown Wingnuts, Connersville, Indiana


10IN - Squires, Connersville, Indiana


1I8 - Converse, Converse, Indiana


1II4 - Amy, Corydon, Indiana


2II9 - Rice Private, Covington, Indiana


CFJ - Crawfordsville Muni, Crawfordsville, Indiana


7II2 - St Clare Medical Center, Crawfordsville, Indiana


2IN8 - St Anthony, Crown Point, Indiana


3IN8 - Ddt Field, Culver, Indiana


IN74 - H.j.umbaugh, Culver, Indiana


IN54 - I & C Field, Culver, Indiana


IG22 - Lake Maxinkuckee, Culver, Indiana


1II5 - Van De Mark, Culver, Indiana


37II - Winn Field, Culver, Indiana


74II - Hendricks Community Hospital, Danville, Indiana


11IN - Jr's, Danville, Indiana


II82 - Meadors Field, Danville, Indiana


4IN6 - Dragons Den, Danville, Indiana


12IN - J & S Field, Darmstadt, Indiana


56II - Adams Co Memorial Hospital, Decatur, Indiana


II85 - Blomenberg, Decatur, Indiana


13IN - Gage, Decatur, Indiana


9IN4 - Bandmill Field, Decker, Indiana


0IN1 - Snider Field, Decker, Indiana


4II0 - De Ford, Delphi, Indiana


1I9 - Delphi Muni, Delphi, Indiana


IN76 - Podell, Denham, Indiana


72II - St Margaret Mercy Hospital, Dyer, Indiana


II08 - Rheude, Earl Park, Indiana


IN63 - Horizon Field, Eaton, Indiana


1IN4 - Robinson Airpark, Elizabeth, Indiana


EKM - Elkhart Muni, Elkhart, Indiana


3C1 - Mishawaka Pilots Club, Elkhart, Indiana


IN75 - Norwood, Elkhart, Indiana


3I1 - Elwood, Elwood, Indiana


78I - Pam's Place, Eminence, Indiana


II09 - Patrum Field, Eminence, Indiana


2II1 - Yoder, Emma, Indiana


IN80 - Roberson, English, Indiana


16IN - Deaconess Hospital, Evansville, Indiana


EVV - Evansville Rgnl, Evansville, Indiana


6II1 - Executive Inn, Evansville, Indiana


IN36 - Plugger, Evansville, Indiana


3EV - Skylane, Evansville, Indiana


1II6 - St Mary's Medical Center, Evansville, Indiana


64IN - Peacock Farms, Fairmount, Indiana


17IN - Pruss, Farmers Retreat, Indiana


50IN - Austin Air Ads, Farmersburg, Indiana


18IN - Kester Fly Inn, Farmersburg, Indiana


IN57 - Shure, Farmersburg, Indiana


4II3 - Oleo, Fillmore, Indiana


IN98 - Farm Strip, Finly, Indiana


5I2 - Flora Muni, Flora, Indiana


91I - Fort Benjamin Harrison Helipad, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana


9IN5 - Dupont Hospital, Fort Wayne, Indiana


FWA - Fort Wayne Intl, Fort Wayne, Indiana


5II7 - Fort Wayne-district Operations, Fort Wayne, Indiana


1II7 - Parkview Memorial Hospital, Fort Wayne, Indiana


SMD - Smith Field, Fort Wayne, Indiana


13II - St Joseph Medical Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana


64II - The Lutheran Hosp Of Indiana, Fort Wayne, Indiana


II36 - Mc Neil Field, Fountaintown, Indiana


II39 - Hollingsworth, Francisco, Indiana


19IN - Clark, Frankfort, Indiana


68II - Clinton County Fairgrounds, Frankfort, Indiana


FKR - Frankfort Muni, Frankfort, Indiana


20IN - Canary's, Franklin, Indiana


3FK - Franklin Flying Field, Franklin, Indiana


55II - Johnson Memorial Hospital, Franklin, Indiana


63II - Woods Field, Franklin, Indiana


2II3 - Stottlemyer, Frankton, Indiana


40IN - Cherry Hill, Freetown, Indiana


FRH - French Lick Muni, French Lick, Indiana


06I - Patoka Reservoir Landing Area, French Lick, Indiana


5I6 - Galveston, Galveston, Indiana


II10 - Rockey's Air Strip, Galveston, Indiana


GYY - Gary/chicago Intl, Gary, Indiana


IN79 - Northwest Family Hosp, Gary, Indiana


IN78 - Police, Gary, Indiana


1II2 - Adams, Geneva, Indiana


9IN9 - Gessie, Gessie, Indiana


35II - Brown, Goshen, Indiana


GSH - Goshen Muni, Goshen, Indiana


0II6 - Kropf, Goshen, Indiana


3II1 - Shenandoah Flying Fld, Gosport, Indiana


II11 - Pelz Port, Grabill, Indiana


II43 - C. V., Granger, Indiana


IN82 - Foos Field, Granger, Indiana


II12 - Dague Strip, Grass Creek, Indiana


38II - Hampton Field, Greencastle, Indiana


II29 - Owens Field, Greencastle, Indiana


4I7 - Putnam County, Greencastle, Indiana


II37 - Arthur, Greenfield, Indiana


0II7 - Frost Field, Greenfield, Indiana


8IN4 - Hancock Memorial Hospital, Greenfield, Indiana


GFD - Pope Field, Greenfield, Indiana


79II - Sauer-harter, Greenfield, Indiana


4II8 - Willis, Greenfield, Indiana


6II2 - Willis Airport Site No. 2, Greenfield, Indiana


I34 - Greensburg-decatur County, Greensburg, Indiana


67II - Schoettmer Farm, Greensburg, Indiana


62IN - Fowler Field /pvt/, Greentown, Indiana


8IN2 - Robinson Field, Greenwood, Indiana


3II2 - Fifer Field, Griffin, Indiana


05C - Griffith-merrillville, Griffith, Indiana


I61 - Hagerstown, Hagerstown, Indiana


0II9 - Winters, Hall, Indiana


7IN2 - Flying Crown, Hamilton, Indiana


IN02 - Hamilton Lake, Hamilton, Indiana


IN83 - Lautzenhiser Airpark, Hamilton, Indiana


4II5 - Escc, Hammond, Indiana


7IN4 - St Margaret Mercy, Hammond, Indiana


IN84 - Shamrock, Hanna, Indiana


64I - Lee Bottom, Hanover, Indiana


I38 - Action Airpark, Hardenstown, Indiana


75II - Lowells Landing, Hardinsburg, Indiana


80IN - Gustin's /pvt/, Harlan, Indiana


IN18 - Hook Field, Harlan, Indiana


II67 - Hickory Hills, Hartford City, Indiana


21IN - Minneman, Hartford City, Indiana


94IN - White's, Hartsville, Indiana


II45 - Renshaw, Hatfield, Indiana


8II3 - Thrust Industries, Haubstadt, Indiana


II96 - Buchta, Haysville, Indiana


8II4 - Helton, Hazelwood, Indiana


II46 - Carlson Farms, Hebron, Indiana


8II5 - Holt Field, Hoagland, Indiana


3HO - Hobart Sky Ranch, Hobart, Indiana


9IN3 - Johnsons Strawberry Farm, Hobart, Indiana


00IN - St Mary Medical Center, Hobart, Indiana


9II8 - Francis, Holton, Indiana


1II0 - Webster, Homer, Indiana


25IN - Reid-eash, Howe, Indiana


HNB - Huntingburg, Huntingburg, Indiana


II47 - St Joseph's Hospital, Huntingburg, Indiana


II14 - Beck Pvt, Huntington, Indiana


IN85 - Bowlin, Huntington, Indiana


26II - Huntington Memorial Hospital, Huntington, Indiana


HHG - Huntington Muni, Huntington, Indiana


48IN - 123 Arcom, Indianapolis, Indiana


5IN2 - Aec, Indianapolis, Indiana


8II8 - Allison Plant 3, Indianapolis, Indiana


8II7 - Allison Plant 8, Indianapolis, Indiana


8II6 - Allsion Plant 5, Indianapolis, Indiana


II48 - Channel 13, Indianapolis, Indiana


EYE - Eagle Creek Airpark, Indianapolis, Indiana


27II - Fort Benjamin Harrison Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana


HFY - Greenwood Muni, Indianapolis, Indiana


2R2 - Hendricks County-gordon Graham Fld, Indianapolis, Indiana


IN07 - Hook's, Indianapolis, Indiana


8A4 - Indianapolis Downtown, Indianapolis, Indiana


TYQ - Indianapolis Executive, Indianapolis, Indiana


IND - Indianapolis Intl, Indianapolis, Indiana


UMP - Indianapolis Metropolitan, Indianapolis, Indiana


IG01 - Iwc, Indianapolis, Indiana


23IN - J W Riley Hospital For Children, Indianapolis, Indiana


96IN - Medical Center, Indianapolis, Indiana


IN06 - Methodist Hospital Helistop, Indianapolis, Indiana


54IN - Methodist Hospital Nr 2, Indianapolis, Indiana


81II - Methodist Hospital Of In. Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana


42IN - Mikelsons, Indianapolis, Indiana


MQJ - Mount Comfort, Indianapolis, Indiana


7L8 - Post-air, Indianapolis, Indiana


63IN - Ropkey Field, Indianapolis, Indiana


0IN7 - Roto-whirl/holiday, Indianapolis, Indiana


0IN8 - Roto-whirl/vantage, Indianapolis, Indiana


6II5 - Southport, Indianapolis, Indiana


9IN1 - St Francis Hospital-southcampus, Indianapolis, Indiana


27IN - St Vincent Indianapolis Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana


IN25 - Hood Field, Jamestown, Indiana


57II - Reimer Aerodrome, Jamestown, Indiana


8II1 - Careferre Acres, Jasonville, Indiana


IN08 - Shakamak, Jasonville, Indiana


77IN - Memorial Hospital At Jasper, Jasper, Indiana


JVY - Clark Rgnl, Jeffersonville, Indiana


4IN1 - Big Long Lake, Kendallville, Indiana


C62 - Kendallville Muni, Kendallville, Indiana


IN12 - Lake Sylvan, Kendallville, Indiana


8IN6 - Parkview Noble Hospital, Kendallville, Indiana


50I - Kentland Muni, Kentland, Indiana


II15 - Friedrich, Kewanna, Indiana


IN10 - Plummer, Kewanna, Indiana


26IN - Willcox, Knightstown, Indiana


II17 - Bickel's Cow Patch, Knox, Indiana


IN87 - Singleton's Landing Strip, Knox, Indiana


67IN - Smitty's Soaring, Knox, Indiana


OXI - Starke County, Knox, Indiana


II44 - Starke Memorial Hospital, Knox, Indiana


3C5 - Wheeler, Knox, Indiana


IN86 - Wilson, Knox, Indiana


8I3 - Glenndale, Kokomo, Indiana


53IN - Hartman Farms Field, Kokomo, Indiana


II56 - Howard Community Hospital, Kokomo, Indiana


75IN - Howard County Jail, Kokomo, Indiana


2II0 - Indian Hills Flying Field, Kokomo, Indiana


OKK - Kokomo Muni, Kokomo, Indiana


II88 - St. Joseph Hospital, Kokomo, Indiana


II18 - Lou Abbett Farms, La Crosse, Indiana


78II - Fox Station, La Fontaine, Indiana


7IN5 - La Porte Hospital, La Porte, Indiana


PPO - La Porte Muni, La Porte, Indiana


42II - Norm's Airpark, La Porte, Indiana


28II - Cedar Farm, Laconia, Indiana


II19 - Etter, Lafayette, Indiana


15II - Findlay, Lafayette, Indiana


3II4 - Lafayette Home Hospital, Lafayette, Indiana


LAF - Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana


IG02 - Ratcliff, Lafayette, Indiana


31IN - Timber House, Lafayette, Indiana


IG06 - Wolfelt, Lafayette, Indiana


6IN3 - Wyandotte, Lafayette, Indiana


08II - Lagrange Hospital, Lagrange, Indiana


4IN2 - Oliver Lake, Lagrange, Indiana


C98 - Lake Village, Lake Village, Indiana


II49 - Foertsch, Lamar, Indiana


IN14 - Greenridge Rla, Lanesville, Indiana


IN13 - Lanesville Skyways, Lanesville, Indiana


76II - Ries, Laotto, Indiana


II38 - Sherk Field, Lapaz, Indiana


66II - Pat Robinson, Lapel, Indiana


4II2 - Hangar Fly Ultralight Fly Club, Lawrence, Indiana


IN94 - Dearborn County Hospital, Lawrenceburg, Indiana


6I4 - Boone County, Lebanon, Indiana


49II - Reinoehl Field, Lena, Indiana


II28 - Stettler Strip, Leo, Indiana


II50 - Jack Oak, Lewisville, Indiana


1IN1 - Shearer, Lewisville, Indiana


8II2 - Norris Field, Liberty, Indiana


II20 - Mossburg, Liberty Center, Indiana


47II - Westrick, Liberty Mills, Indiana


II51 - Hull, Ligonier, Indiana


IN89 - Ligonier, Ligonier, Indiana


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II21 - Zollinger Strip, Ligonier, Indiana


IN17 - Green County General Hospital, Linton, Indiana


4U8 - Morrison Flight Park, Linton, Indiana


7IN6 - Myers Farm, Livonia, Indiana


6II7 - Bergs, Lizton, Indiana


II52 - Haffner, Lizton, Indiana


01II - Myers Field, Lizton, Indiana


GGP - Logansport/cass County, Logansport, Indiana


IN96 - Memorial Hospital, Logansport, Indiana


C97 - Lowell, Lowell, Indiana


0II8 - Sutton's Field, Lowell, Indiana


IN90 - Wietbrock, Lowell, Indiana


69IN - Solar Nr 1, Lynnville, Indiana


73IN - Benham, Lyons, Indiana


II53 - Burke's, Madison, Indiana


II54 - Giltner, Madison, Indiana


IMS - Madison Muni, Madison, Indiana


21II - The King's Daughters', Madison, Indiana


IN91 - Valhalla, Maples, Indiana


MZZ - Marion Muni, Marion, Indiana


3IN4 - Johnson, Markle, Indiana


II13 - Sugar Creek Air Park, Markleville, Indiana


II55 - Hodges, Martinsville, Indiana


IN20 - Jungclaus, Martinsville, Indiana


90IN - Mc Daniel's Field, Martinsville, Indiana


89IN - Milhon, Martinsville, Indiana


II87 - Twelve Oaks, Martinsville, Indiana


II22 - Antonian, Medaryville, Indiana


3II5 - Stout Field, Medaryville, Indiana


2IN3 - Tatertown, Medaryville, Indiana


II76 - Clay Hill Farms, Medora, Indiana


2IG5 - Heli-bell Museum, Mentone, Indiana


C92 - Mentone, Mentone, Indiana


47IN - Mann, Merom, Indiana


9II0 - Shaffer, Merriam, Indiana


43II - Kirk, Merrillville, Indiana


II57 - Nipsco Southlake Complex, Merrillville, Indiana


MGC - Michigan City Muni, Michigan City, Indiana


29II - Norm's, Michigan City, Indiana


IN24 - St Anthony Hospital, Michigan City, Indiana


II03 - Buell, Milan, Indiana


70IN - Lewis Airfield, Milan, Indiana


92IN - H R Weisser, Milford, Indiana


9II2 - Nelund Field, Mishawaka, Indiana


72IN - Gutwein, Monon, Indiana


IN58 - Sealscott, Monroeville, Indiana


6IN6 - Mershon, Monrovia, Indiana


9IN6 - Garrard, Montezuma, Indiana


MCX - White County, Monticello, Indiana


IN00 - Sutton, Montmorenci, Indiana


74IN - Tucker Farms, Montpelier, Indiana


IN21 - Starkey's, Mooreland, Indiana


IG07 - Josephs Field, Moores Hill, Indiana


IN22 - Berling, Mooresville, Indiana


5II4 - Hopkins, Mooresville, Indiana


20II - Kay Air, Mooresville, Indiana


IN99 - Donica Field, Morgantown, Indiana


9IN7 - Zupancic Field, Morgantown, Indiana


03II - Davis Field, Mount Vernon, Indiana


II84 - Hilakos, Mount Vernon, Indiana


2II2 - Indian Creek, Mount Vernon, Indiana


22II - Lewis, Mount Vernon, Indiana


0IN9 - Parrish, Mount Vernon, Indiana


59II - Posey Patch, Mount Vernon, Indiana


7II3 - Schroeder Private, Mount Vernon, Indiana


IN23 - Zeller Elev Co, Mount Vernon, Indiana


IN56 - Carroll's Airpark, Muncie, Indiana


MIE - Delaware County - Johnson Field, Muncie, Indiana


02IN - Diamond P. Field, Muncie, Indiana


7I2 - Reese, Muncie, Indiana


IN28 - Community Hospital, Munster, Indiana


C03 - Nappanee Muni, Nappanee, Indiana


32IN - Roto-whirl/ski World, Nashville, Indiana


41IN - Professional Arts Building, New Albany, Indiana


IN93 - Hustons, New Carlisle, Indiana


19II - Henry County Memorial Hospital, New Castle, Indiana


UWL - New Castle-henry Co. Muni., New Castle, Indiana


15IN - Bugtown, New Harmony, Indiana


56IN - Casad Industrial Park, New Haven, Indiana


05II - Reichhart, New Haven, Indiana


04II - Turkey Run, New Haven, Indiana


9IN2 - New Liberty Field, New Liberty, Indiana


5II6 - Marble Hill, New Washington, Indiana


2IN9 - Berry Field, New Whiteland, Indiana


5II2 - Miles Field, New Whiteland, Indiana


7II0 - Porter Field, New Whiteland, Indiana


5II1 - Layne Field, New Winchester, Indiana


IN59 - Jerry W. Humphrey, Newburgh, Indiana


II59 - Strip, Newport, Indiana


11II - Atterbury Field (camp Atterbury), Nineveh, Indiana


II42 - Creekside Farm, Noblesville, Indiana


2IN6 - Galloway, Noblesville, Indiana


II94 - Irion, Noblesville, Indiana


I80 - Noblesville, Noblesville, Indiana


II86 - Poole, Noblesville, Indiana


4II4 - Chesak, North Judson, Indiana


II90 - Crawford Field, North Judson, Indiana


9II3 - Dillon, North Liberty, Indiana


36IN - Peterson, North Liberty, Indiana


IN38 - Stewarts Green Acres, North Liberty, Indiana


82IN - Hunter, North Manchester, Indiana


45IN - Aerobatic Practice, North Vernon, Indiana


IN67 - Greener Pastures, North Vernon, Indiana


OVO - North Vernon, North Vernon, Indiana


07II - St Vincent Jennings Hospital, North Vernon, Indiana


2IG4 - Ed-air, Oaktown, Indiana


7I4 - Orleans, Orleans, Indiana


2II7 - K-9 Korner, Ossian, Indiana


2IN0 - Skip's Place, Ossian, Indiana


IN29 - Durflinger, Otterbein, Indiana


4II6 - Gettlefinger Field, Palmyra, Indiana


5II8 - Jacobi, Palmyra, Indiana


33IN - Rusby Field, Palmyra, Indiana


I42 - Paoli Muni, Paoli, Indiana


IG03 - Bluebird, Paragon, Indiana


1IN0 - Belknap-icarus Acres, Parker City, Indiana


IN30 - Hull, Patoka, Indiana


IN97 - Mgt Station 2113, Paxton, Indiana


IN43 - Spring Lake, Pekin, Indiana


6IN5 - Foghorn Farms, Pendleton, Indiana


IN31 - North Lakeland, Pendleton, Indiana


IN32 - Stephenson, Pendleton, Indiana


83IN - Goodenough, Peru, Indiana


GUS - Grissom Arb, Peru, Indiana


43I - Mississinewa Reservoir Landing Area, Peru, Indiana


I76 - Peru Muni, Peru, Indiana


IN33 - Robison, Peru, Indiana


IN34 - Rush Strip, Peru, Indiana


IN35 - Shinn Bone Lane, Peru, Indiana


IN03 - Alford Airpark, Petersburg, Indiana


97IN - Solar, Petersburg, Indiana


1IN6 - Cottingham, Pine Village, Indiana


II91 - Dunbar Field, Pittsboro, Indiana


2II4 - Psi, Plainfield, Indiana


3II6 - Hawthorn Mine, Pleasantville, Indiana


46IN - Ames Field, Plymouth, Indiana


II62 - Berger, Plymouth, Indiana


52II - Marshall County, Plymouth, Indiana


C65 - Plymouth Muni, Plymouth, Indiana


3IN2 - Dupouy, Point Isabel, Indiana


2II5 - Burns Intl Harbor, Portage, Indiana


3IN3 - Carlson Farm, Portage, Indiana


IN37 - Midwest Steel, Portage, Indiana


8IN5 - Portage Community Hospital, Portage, Indiana


PLD - Portland Muni, Portland, Indiana


34IN - Windy P Ridge, Portland, Indiana


7IN3 - Garrett Field, Poseyville, Indiana


61Y - Ralph E. Koch, Poseyville, Indiana


52IN - Higginbotham Field, Prairieton, Indiana


IN41 - Nuckols, Redkey, Indiana


II26 - Ashby, Remington, Indiana


4IN8 - Culp Farms, Rensselaer, Indiana


II65 - Gilmore, Rensselaer, Indiana


RZL - Jasper County, Rensselaer, Indiana


10II - Jasper County Hospital, Rensselaer, Indiana


IN39 - Klopfenstein, Reynolds, Indiana


II66 - Heck, Rich Valley, Indiana


30II - Reid Memorial Hospital, Richmond, Indiana


RID - Richmond Muni, Richmond, Indiana


IN47 - White, Richmond, Indiana


31II - Rising Sun, Rising Sun, Indiana


IN45 - 4 Winds Aerodrome, Roachdale, Indiana


60IN - Fisher Farm, Roanoke, Indiana


2IN2 - Gerig's Field, Roanoke, Indiana


8IS2 - Kilsoquah Farm, Roanoke, Indiana


44II - The Wolf Den, Roanoke, Indiana


RCR - Fulton County, Rochester, Indiana


IN46 - Butler Fld, Rockville, Indiana


45II - Cummings Field, Rolling Prairie, Indiana


II92 - Layden, Rolling Prairie, Indiana


6IN8 - Mcminn, Rushville, Indiana


9II5 - Rush Memorial Hospital, Rushville, Indiana


IN05 - Stevens Farms, Rushville, Indiana


II68 - Durham, Russellville, Indiana


II71 - Smith, Saint Paul, Indiana


IN44 - Hardin, Salem, Indiana


71IN - Morgan Airfield, Salem, Indiana


I83 - Salem Muni, Salem, Indiana


86IN - Washington County Hospital, Salem, Indiana


IN26 - Archangels Landing, San Pierre, Indiana


16II - Harrington Field, San Pierre, Indiana


II69 - Harrod/rose, Scottsburg, Indiana


3R8 - Scottsburg, Scottsburg, Indiana


61IN - Wilkerson's, Scottsburg, Indiana


SER - Freeman Muni, Seymour, Indiana


95IN - Stewart Field, Seymour, Indiana


II70 - Salsbery, Sharpsville, Indiana


3II7 - Army Aviation Support Facility, Shelbyville, Indiana


93IN - Foltz Farm, Shelbyville, Indiana


70II - Nasby, Shelbyville, Indiana


IN49 - Pherigo, Shelbyville, Indiana


GEZ - Shelbyville Muni, Shelbyville, Indiana


IN50 - Siefert, Shelbyville, Indiana


II97 - Solenberg, Shelbyville, Indiana


5I4 - Sheridan, Sheridan, Indiana


IN51 - Windy Knoll, Sheridan, Indiana


IN65 - Wolfe Field, Shipshewana, Indiana


1IN5 - Bottoms Brothers, Somerville, Indiana


3IN7 - Chain-o-lakes, South Bend, Indiana


79IN - Memorial Hospital At South Bend, South Bend, Indiana


SBN - South Bend Rgnl, South Bend, Indiana


IN77 - St Joseph Rgnl Medical Center, South Bend, Indiana


6II6 - David Beiswanger, South Milford, Indiana


IN52 - , Speedway, Indiana


IN53 - Miller, Spencer, Indiana


II25 - Timber Trails, Spencer, Indiana


58IN - Hilltop, Spencerville, Indiana


7IN9 - The Last Resort, Springport, Indiana


43IN - Hepler, St Wendel, Indiana


II89 - Yelverton, St Wendel, Indiana


37IN - Felix, Stockwell, Indiana


49IN - Drake, Sullivan, Indiana


SIV - Sullivan County, Sullivan, Indiana


2IN5 - Midkiff, Sulphur Springs, Indiana


39IN - Roberts Field, Sulphur Springs, Indiana


II72 - Anderson, Sunman, Indiana


1IN7 - Lake Wawasee, Syracuse, Indiana


4IN9 - Wawasee, Syracuse, Indiana


85IN - Leak, Tab, Indiana


TEL - Perry County Muni, Tell City, Indiana


3I3 - Sky King, Terre Haute, Indiana


HUF - Terre Haute Intl-hulman Field, Terre Haute, Indiana


6II3 - Terre Haute Pepsi Cola, Terre Haute, Indiana


60II - Union Hospital, Terre Haute, Indiana


4II7 - Sport Aircraft Flight Park, Thorntown, Indiana


2II6 - Baird-wolford, Tipton, Indiana


35IN - Ellison, Tipton, Indiana


5IN3 - Tragesser, Tipton, Indiana


0IN2 - The Lazy K, Tocsin, Indiana


39II - Miller Field, Topeka, Indiana


5II3 - Engdahl Farm (moonstraka), Treviac, Indiana


II73 - Good Earth Farm Strip, Union City, Indiana


4C1 - Flying U Ranch, Union Mills, Indiana


IN72 - Mayer, Uniondale, Indiana


II64 - Universal Mine, Universal, Indiana


09II - Gibbons Field, Valeene, Indiana


VPZ - Porter County Muni, Valparaiso, Indiana


46II - Porter Memorial Hospital, Valparaiso, Indiana


5IN4 - Wyckoff Airstrip, Valparaiso, Indiana


IN55 - Songer, Veedersburg, Indiana


IG04 - Litzinger, Versailles, Indiana


32II - Roberts, Vevay, Indiana


8I1 - Robinson, Vevay, Indiana


24II - Good Samaritan Hospital, Vincennes, Indiana


IN92 - Klein, Vincennes, Indiana


28IN - Marchino Field, Vincennes, Indiana


OEA - O'neal, Vincennes, Indiana


IN15 - T & T, Vincennes, Indiana


62II - Wabash County Hospital Emergency, Wabash, Indiana


IWH - Wabash Muni, Wabash, Indiana


II74 - Eby Field, Wakarusa, Indiana


6IN4 - Fischer Field, Waldron, Indiana


6IN2 - Whelen, Waldron, Indiana


17II - Dreessen Field, Walkerton, Indiana


87IN - May's Strip, Walkerton, Indiana


59IN - Stuntz & Hochstetler Pines, Walkerton, Indiana


4IN4 - Wilson, Wallace, Indiana


6II0 - Turnpaugh Field, Walton, Indiana


II75 - Daugherty Field, Warren, Indiana


5IN5 - Berkey Field, Warsaw, Indiana


7IN8 - Dewart Lake, Warsaw, Indiana


84IN - Kosciusko Community Hospital, Warsaw, Indiana


IN16 - Tippecanoe, Warsaw, Indiana


ASW - Warsaw Muni, Warsaw, Indiana


DCY - Daviess County, Washington, Indiana


4C2 - Walker/rowe Waterloo, Waterloo, Indiana


51IN - Dahnke, West Lafayette, Indiana


44IN - Rush, West Lafayette, Indiana


7IN7 - Gary Johnson Field, West Lebanon, Indiana


02II - King, Westfield, Indiana


I72 - Westfield, Westfield, Indiana


IN60 - Wilderness Field, Westfield, Indiana


IN04 - N'meier, Westphalia, Indiana


5IN6 - Orthodontic Strip, Westville, Indiana


68IN - Alley Oop, Wheatfield, Indiana


IN61 - Flying J, Wheatfield, Indiana


6II8 - Godahavit, Wheatland, Indiana


2IG3 - Horseshoe Casino, Whiting, Indiana


II78 - Wallace Field, Wilkinson, Indiana


RWN - Arens Field, Winamac, Indiana


0IN3 - Graves Landing Strip, Winamac, Indiana


II79 - Sommers, Winamac, Indiana


I22 - Randolph County, Winchester, Indiana


1IN2 - Meharry Ag Service, Wingate, Indiana


81IN - Bass Lake, Winona, Indiana


08IN - Winona Lake, Winona Lake, Indiana


II81 - Richardson Field, Winslow, Indiana


78IN - Harrier, Wolcott, Indiana


61II - Kay Field, Wolflake, Indiana


7II7 - Rex's, Wolflake, Indiana


5IN9 - Stangland, Wolflake, Indiana


0IN4 - Air Park Field, Woodburn, Indiana


3II3 - Basting, Woodburn, Indiana


55IN - Brenneke, Woodburn, Indiana


53II - Steinman, Woodburn, Indiana


5II9 - Aero Plaines, Youngstown, Indiana


8II9 - Summe Farm, Zionsville, Indiana


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